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Panama City Beach Weekly Fishing Reports



There has not been a lot of offshore fishing going on lately, too cold, and too much wind and rain. If you were to get the chance and the appropriate weather window going by what has been the deal, and limiting the list to what you can keep, you should be able to find red grouper, scamp, vermillion snapper, black snapper, and black sea bass. Of the few trips that were able to venture out most of them were talking about how hungry the amberjack were. 


These past several days were not very conducive for surf fishing, even fishing from one of the piers was difficult at best. Most times the fast current and heavy wave action made it almost impossible to bait fish. Working a jig or spoon blindly under the waves was about the only way. However there were a few pompano caught. Not by sight for sure. Also caught were; bluefish, redfish and a few sheep head.  


Cold temps, coupled with lots of wind and rain has not done us any favors. It is worth going though, just plan on working for your bites. The pass and larger bridges have held fish pretty much like they always seem to. Red and black drum, croakers, sheep head, mangrove snapper and black sea bass love these areas. If you are around Tyndall or Hathaway you may also find silver trout. In the back waters before all of the rain the trout bite wasn’t bad. Lots of small fish to weed through but there were some keepers in the mix. As to where they are now that the rain has come though you will have to “go fish”.

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Current Conditions at Russel Fields Pier

  • February 27, 2015 5:18 am EST
    Location: 30.213N 85.88W
    Wind Direction: N (10°)
    Wind Speed: 8.9 knots
    Wind Gust: 11.1 knots
    Atmospheric Pressure: 30.24 in (1023.9 mb)
    Air Temperature: 37.6°F (3.1°C)
    Water Temperature: 55.2°F (12.9°C)

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