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Panama City Beach Fishing Report
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I have to say there is plenty to do out here. On the trolling side kings rule, but if you get one of those perfect days like we have had a few of recently you can get a little further out comfortably and get into some of your more "exotic" pelagic species. Straight out our pass and about twenty miles you run into a crystal clear blue water and it is holding wahoo, big kings and mahi-mahi. There are a few weeds around but nothing real heavy yet so trolling hasn't been a chore. Bring along some binoculars and or get familiar with your radar system if you have one so you can tune into any bird activity in the area. This will increase your chances of success exponentially. Bottom fishing has been great too. Hang out at one of the local docks and you'll see several species of snapper, red grouper, and scamp posing for pictures. We still have a little bit of our summer red snapper season left with more to come in the fall. Be sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations on red snapper as they are different for State and Federal waters, and even for recreational anglers and charter boats.


Here the action has been best at daybreak or around sunset. Mostly lady fish, bluefish and Spanish. Some redfish, good numbers of tarpon, a few pompano and a lot of sharks. At the piers you can add in king mackerel and some sheep head.


With the summer sun doing it's thing the local waters have gotten nearly bath water warm. If you are going to fish the grassy areas, do it early. After the sun starts to bear down, you should think about moving your expedition somewhere deeper, cooler or with a good tidal flow that counteracts the heating effect of the long sunny days we have been experiencing. Setting up on the leeward side of a land mass, over a shallow grass bed, in the middle of the day and with a falling tide has a good three strikes against it (maybe four). It has been a little tough on the bay lately but there are fish being caught, you just have to put some thought into it. Deeper waters like those around bridges and the pass have a distinct advantage this time of year. A larger dock with a little depth or just a good drop off can be enough to provide a cooler spot for a redfish, flounder or trout to lay in wait for it's prey. Also taking time to acquire good live bait like small crabs for reds, or finger mullet and pilchards for trout will up the chances in your favor. If you are using artificial baits choose well, lifelike action, natural coloration if waters are clear and adding a scent will help to seal the deal. Then when you locate fish you have an irresistible offering that'll make them take notice. Presentation is also very important, wire leaders, giant shiny hooks and baits spinning in the current are all recipes for failure. When conditions are tough you have to bring your "A" game.

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Current Conditions at Russel Fields Pier

  • July 3, 2015 10:18 pm EDT
    Location: 30.213N 85.88W
    Wind Direction: SSW (200°)
    Wind Speed: 8.0 knots
    Wind Gust: 11.1 knots
    Atmospheric Pressure: 30.04 in (1017.2 mb)
    Air Temperature: 82.9°F (28.3°C)
    Water Temperature: 83.3°F (28.5°C)

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